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Bahrain Accounting, Bookkeeping, and VAT Services

Whether you are looking for support in a particular accounting area, such as payroll or VAT, or you want to produce better management accounts, more accurate bookkeeping or budgets, CP Accounting Services – Bahrain has a solution for you.

Our team of Bahrain-based accounting experts provides you with the guidance and advice you will need to comply with all the new regulations that are being implemented in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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We are the preferred outsourced accounting services bahrain provider for SMBs in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

We will utilize advanced accounting software and the latest technologies to deliver the most accurate and concise accounting reports and financial statements to accommodate for our clients’ needs and aid them in their growth.

CP Accounting Services

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

CP Accounting Services – Bahrain understands that not all businesses have the resources available to carry out all their business and accounting management functions. That is why CP Accounting Services – Bahrain provides an outsourced service which includes accounting, management reports, payroll processing, budgeting, VAT return preparation, and financial forecasting.

For small to mid-sized businesses with limited staff and resources, it would be cost effective to opt for outsourced bookkeeping services rather than hiring inhouse accountants. This shall enable such business owners to focus more on business growth and relieve them from the responsibility of maintaining their accounting records.

Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Bahrain
Bahrain VAT Services

VAT Accounting Services

CP Accounting Services – Bahrain reduces the administrative burden and the time dedicated to comply with Bahrain VAT legislations by taking advantage of local experts who have knowledge of the best practices, technology and local processes. Our business model gives you transparency, control and allows you to be aware of any regulatory changes.

VAT is generally subject to constantly changing legislations and policies especially if it is newly implemented such as the case with the Bahrain VAT law. This makes it even more challenging and complex as the financial service team needs to be very proactive in understanding and implementing the latest taxation norms as applicable in the instant case. Through utilizing our VAT services, clients will be able to hand over the responsibility of computing the VAT payable and processing VAT returns. They will be able to focus more on growing their business while we process their returns quickly and accurately.

Accounting Consultations

Receive advice from accounting experts to alleviate any doubts you may have in accounting matters. Our professionals will analyze your queries and will answer them in a maximum of 72 hours (business hours) based on the most up-to-date IFRS standards and Bahraini commercial and fiscal legislations.

There are some transactions that may occur only once throughout the life of a company. In other cases, the same transaction can have multiple accounting treatments which may all be valid. To help companies wade through the technicalities and complications of financial reporting and report transactions accurately and in the most advantageous manner, you can contact us and ask for consultations on those specific transactions.

Bahrain Accounting Consultations
Financial Statements Preparation Services Bahrain

Financial Statements Preparation Services

Companies are required to submit audited financial statements on an annual basis to comply with Bahrain’s regulatory requirements. Our team of experts will be happy to help prepare a full set of financial statements for any company operating in Bahrain and provide guidance during financial audits in order to ensure compliance with Bahrain’s regulatory requirements.

A true and fair representation of financial statements is required by any organization in order to facilitate tax preparation or VAT preparation and auditing procedures generally undertaken at the end of the financial year. Although it is not advisable to do so, some companies may opt to postpone the preparation of their financial statements until the end of the year or just before the financial audit. This can be an overwhelming task even for the most experienced accountant. In such cases, professional accounting firms such as CP Accounting Services – Bahrain will be able to provide the required support.

Analytical Reporting Services

o make informed decisions, you need accurate information. Most business owners will base their decisions on raw data which can be overwhelming. CP Accounting Services will be able to transform raw data into useful information. The real power of analytical reporting and data visualization lies in its ability to display unexpected findings in a clear and self-explainable manner. To help bring life to data, CP Accounting Services can produce visualized and graphical dashboards that deliver information easily and quickly.

Analytical Reporting Bahrain

Accounting Software

There is no better way to ensure compliance with accounting standards than to use a solid accounting system. CP Accounting Services provides a full range of accounting systems that can accommodate for the needs of any small, medium, or large companies operating in Bahrain. Our accounting experts will be able to provide guidance in choosing the best accounting software to meet your needs and help setup the system and migrate accounting data error-free.

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