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Accounting Support Visits
Accountants by the hour

Companies may have a complete accounting team in place however, at times, they may find themselves in need for extra hands on deck and an accounting support visits. Instead of hiring redundant employees who will only be really doing any work for a few days in a month, CP Accounting Services will be glad to provide qualified accountants to help perform the tasks required on a per hour or per day basis.

CP Accounting Services extend accounting and financial reporting advice and accounting support visits to clients in a variety of events. Whether you need extra hands during the year-end closing, to oversee physical stock counts, or just because one of your accountants needs to go on an emergency leave, we have you covered.

Bahrain Accounting Support Visits

Accounting Support Visits Packages

  • Junior Accountant Support Visits
  • Per Hour / Per Day
  • Senior Accountant Support Visits
  • Per Hour / Per Day

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